Halloween 2020

Halloween Activities for 2020

Alternate Ideas to Trick-or-Treating



Traditions (that you may or may not have tried before!)

  • Bob for Apples! – Remember this game? Fill a bucket or plastic bin with water, add your favorite kind of apples, and take turns dunking your head in to try and grab one! No hands allowed for this game, only your fangs! For a family competition, see who can grab an apple the fastest.
  • Bob for Doughnuts! – This one you may not have heard of before, but it’s very similar to bobbing for apples – and no it doesn’t use water; gross! For this game you take your favorite kind of doughnut, tie a few of them to separate strings, tie those strings to a stick of some kind and try to eat it without using your hands!

Alternate ways to play: 1. See who can catch and eat their doughnut the fastest 2. have your family split into teams to relay race each other to see which team can finish their donuts first! 3. Play blindfolded and have someone control the string like a piñata!

In case you’re a visual person, check out this video to see what this can look like!

  • Costume Contest! – For this activity we recommend homemade costumes for your family! Challenge yourselves to make your costumes with items around your homes,especially recycleable materials you might normally just get rid of. You can then have homemade certificates for different categories like: Most Creative, Scariest, Most Colorful, or whatever else you can think of together!

Alternate ways to play: 1. Have a virtual contest with friends/family who live somehere else 2. Do a secret ballot where each person has to nominate a family member for every award 3. Have a makeup contest instead of full costumes

  • Halloween Movie Night! – They don’t have to be scary movies (unless you’re into that) they could be family friendly classics! You could do this inside, or outside if you have the resources, you could decorate the space will all kinds of holiday items, the possibilities are endless!


Seems Familiar (it works for one holiday, why not another?)

  • Decorate Cookies Together – who says you can only decorate cookies in December? Mix up some orange, purple, black, or any other color of frosting and make spooky cookies!
  • Haunted Gingerbread Houses – Put a fun spin on another december tradition and make a haunted house instead! You could use some of your favorite Halloween candiesto make a yummy haunted treat
  • Piñata – Fill a halloween themed piñata with halloween candies, and well you know the rest!
  • Candy Hunt – Could use small gift bags, could use mini plastic pumpkins, or go ahead and use Easter Eggs because why not! Hide them indoors, hide them outdoors, do a little of both it’s all up to you! This will get your family up and moving and give them a chance to run around in their costumes finding candy!
  • Candy Scavenger Hunt – Make some clever clues, hide them around your home, and send your loved ones on an adventure to find the hidden Halloween candy stash of their dreams. Need we say more?


Something New! (Get creative about ways to celebrate with friends and family!)

  • Mini Pumpkin Hunt – Send your loved ones on a search for hidden mini pumpkins around your home! You could use plastic ones, real ones, you could even decorate them beforehand for added family fun!
  • Costume Family Dinner – Just because you aren’t going out, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Wear your Halloween costumes to have dinner together! For added fun, role play as whatever you are dressed up as.
  • Virtual Costume Party – Dress up and video chat with friends and family from anywhere. Could play games, swap scary stories, or have a costume contest from a distance!
  • Neighborhood Yard Decoration Contest – Challenge your neighbors to see who can decorate their yard the best! Alternate ways to play: 1. Door Decorating contest (with neighbors or just your own family inside your home) 2. Window Decorating Contest 3. Walkway Decorating Contest
  • Neighborhood Costume Parade – Coordinate a way, and a time, with your neighbors for everyone to show off their costumes at a safe distance!