July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018







Give Me Y­our ­Hand by Megan Abbott
A Ter­ri­ble ­Coun­try: A Nov­el by Kei­th Gessen
Dou­ble Blind by Iris Jo­hansen
The Ru­in by Dervla McTier­nan
What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan

The Poi­soned C­i­ty: Flin­t’s Wa­ter and the Amer­i­can Ur­ban ­Tragedy by An­na Clark
The Bil­lion­aire Ra­j: A Jour­ney Through In­di­a’s New Gild­ed Age by James Crab­tree
North­land: A 4,000-Mile Jour­ney Along Amer­i­ca’s For­got­ten Bor­der by Porter Fox
Cal­l Me Amer­i­can: A Mem­oir by Ab­di Nor Ift­in
Don’t ­Make Me Pul­l Over!: An In­for­mal His­to­ry of the ­Fam­i­ly Road­ Trip by Richard Ratay
In­di­anapolis: The True S­to­ry of the ­Worst Sea Dis­as­ter in U.S. ­Naval His­to­ry and the ­Fifty-Year ­Fight­ ­to Ex­on­er­ate an In­no­cen­t Man by Lynn Vin­cen­t

Juvenile Nonfiction
What Was the Holo­caust? by Gail Herman
Na­tion­al ­Park­s of the U.S.A. by Kate Siber

Picture Books
Run Wild by David Covell
Sav­ing Fion­a: The Sto­ry of the World’s ­Most ­Fa­mous Baby Hip­po by Thane Maynard

Ready Player One