July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018







The Hus­band Hour by Jamie Bren­ner
The Wom­an in the Woods by John Con­nol­ly
The De­pen­dents: A Nov­el by Katharine Dion
Liar, Liar by Lisa Jack­son
Dear Mrs. Bird: A Nov­el by A. J. Pearce
The Cab­in at the End of the ­World: A Nov­el by Paul G. Trem­blay
Clock­ ­Dance: A Nov­el by Anne Tyler
The Se­cret­s Be­tween Us: A Nov­el by Thri­ty N. Um­ri­gar
When Life ­Gives You Lu­l­ule­mon­s: A Nov­el by Lau­ren Weis­berg­er
Between You & Me: A Nov­el by Su­san Wig­gs

Lin­col­n’s Last Tri­al: The Mur­der Case That Pro­pelled Him ­to the Pres­i­den­cy by Dan Abrams
The Rise and Fal­l of the Di­nosaurs: A New His­to­ry of a Lost ­World by Stephen Brusatte
Bach­e­lor Na­tion: In­sid­e the ­World of Amer­i­ca’s Guilty Plea­sure by Amy Kaufman
Yes We (Stil­l) ­Can: Pol­i­tic­s in the Age of Oba­ma, Twit­ter, and Trump by Dan Pfeiffer

Young Adult Fiction
Chil­dren of Blood­ and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Juvenile Fiction
A Friend­ly Town That’s Al­most Al­ways by the Ocean! by Kir Fox
The Dough­nut ­Fix by Jessie Janow­itz
The Lost Con­ti­nent by Tui T. Suther­land

Picture Books
The Book About Noth­ing by Mike Bender
Pen­guin & Tiny Shrim­p ­Don’t ­Do Bed­time! by Cate Berry