Movie Day – Friday, July 19 @ 1-3 pm

movie-nightMovie Day – Friday, July 19 @ 1-3 pm

Enjoy free popcorn and drinks in the air conditioning of the Russell Community Room.

Open to all.

Our movie license doesn’t permit us to put the movie title on the internet, so here’s a hint:

ALIENS HAVE INVADED EARTH! They are using advanced technology… wait… are those… bubbles? Anyway it’s advanced technology that puts holes in walls, sucks up humans and all their belongings and makes homes fit for their species. But don’t worry, one outcast alien and a human girl are on a mission to save both species from danger! The girl wants to save her mom, and the alien – who is “not having my moms” – just wants a friend. Can they find a way to work together to bring peace between their two species?